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Pray 4 My Rage - Blanco White James Cove
"Going Away" the Grammy considered single from album P4MR out now - Listen and Stream everywhere!
Blanco White James 'Pray for My Rage' out now - listen and stream on Spotify, Itunes, & Tidal and more!! 
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Pray 4 My Rage



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Witness Blanco White James as he transitions from a regionally known rapper to a international music star. Blanco White James no longer confines himself to genre limitations, he has created his own multi-genre platform with no fucking rules!








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Born and bred from the Westside of Chicago, Blanco | White is one of the hottest and most sought after music artists and music producers in the Midwest!​​​​​​​

To know Blanco | White James, you gotta take it back to the West Side of Chicago. Given up for adoption and foster care at birth - Blanco grew up his entire life never  knowing any blood family (no mother, father, sibling, or relatives). Since the age of ten years old, White grew up affiliated in the streets, but with a love for musical artist such as Twista, Bone Thugs, Gorillaz, Snoop Dog, Lil Wayne, Pearl Jam, and DMX. Using music as survival - he hoping that one day he can intertwine all of those artists key talents into one voice, such as his. He began to get involved in music at the age of 16 Rapping & Producing beats for others. White quickly began to live the "fast life" of a Chicago teen earning full respect both in the streets and on the stage.


​With past songs such as "Serenity" and "Cho-Cha", and "Die Like This" from past projects, his name is continuing to spread across the country. White James continues to remove himself from any environmental genre confinements or limitations. He is quoted saying "Everyone no-matter background, will love and relate to at least one of my songs."


2019 he debuts his ultimate album "Pray for My Rage" which merges emotion, rage, and talent from all of his past projects into one body of work. The feedback he continues to receive lets him know that with the work he has put in, he is on the right track!

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